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Target Department Store Coming to 2nd & Pike

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

When it comes to “big box” retail stores, Downtown Seattle has generally been lacking.

Whether this is good or bad is the subject of much debate, but for those who currently hop a Metro Bus to the Northgate Shopping Center every couple of weeks, your commute is about to get much shorter.

Next summer, Target is expected to open a retail store at 1415 Second Ave, near the intersection of 2nd Avenue & Pike Street (shown in the photos below taken about an hour ago).

Location of Target Department Store at 2nd & Pike

Location of Target Department Store at 2nd & Pike

Target Store Coming Soon at 2nd & Pike

Target Store Coming Soon at 2nd & Pike

Target Store Coming Soon at 2nd & Pike

Target Store Coming Soon at 2nd & Pike

This Target will be one short block from Pike Place Market, and will be easily accessible to residents, commuters, and tourists alike.

Given that the Kress grocery store is just around the corner from the future Target location, and Walgreens is across the street, the entire 2nd/Pike area may very well become the primary residential shopping hub for inner-urban residents.

Target will open the first round of small-format CityTarget stores in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2012.

CityTarget will offer urban dwellers, commuters and tourists the convenience of one-stop shopping with an affordable grocery selection, everyday essentials, on-trend fashions and exclusive designer collections.

5/9/12: Target update on Seattle Rex: http://www.seattlerex.com/bullseye/

5/19/12: Target update on Seattle Rex: http://www.seattlerex.com/downtown-seattle-city-target-update/

Update: The City Target store is scheduled to open on July 29, 2012.

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3 comments to Target Department Store Coming to 2nd & Pike

  • joshuadf

    Ross too, at 3rd and Pike.

  • Also, that beautiful but run-down and delapidated building between the Target site and 1521 Second Avenue (the glassy blue condominium tower) with the crappy teriyaki place at the base is finally going to be redeveloped–after all these decades–into a boutique hotel! Should be done by 2013. Yay!

  • Judy

    I think it is wonderul, I remember Rhodes, Penney and Kress, they were mainstays of downtown Seattle,Thanks for coming back to downtown.

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