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Tree Warmers in Occidental Park

Occidental Park Sculpture

Occidental Park Sculpture

Every morning, time permitting, I jump on the Rexmobile and take a quick survey of my dominion.

I start near the Paramount Theater, head south to the Financial District, past the Columbia Tower, over to Pioneer Square, then I pull a 180 and zip up to Seattle Center.

I have a police scanner on my desk in case something major happens, but I feel negligent if 8 hours pass without getting out and taking the temperature of the streets myself.  I am blogger, hear me roar. I’m the most unquoted source in this city (something about profanity and a failure to relentlessly bash Mike McGinn). I do more before 8:00am than most people do by 8:05am.

Sometimes I miss things, though.

Shortly after 8 this morning, I got a text message from a buddy of mine which read: “Hey, if you haven’t seen it yet, someone put giant legwarmers on the trees in Pioneer Square. Oh, and you’re the sexiest man alive.”

Alright, the last sentence didn’t happen, but the first one did, grammatical error and all.

I exchanged a few more messages with my tipster, and learned that the trees in Occidental Park were covered with leg warmers.

Leg warmers?

How could this be?  I rode through P2 yesterday.  I didn’t see any leg warmers.

Alas, the early onset of Alzheimer’s is upon me, because after heading over to Oxy Park, there they were.  Gigantic leg warmers attached to several trees.

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Occidental Park Trees with Leg Warmers

Where did they come from, however?

Is this a protest act of the city’s decision to remove Downtown trees?  Is it some kind of pop art?

I asked several people, including a parking enforcement woman, what the significance of the “tree warmers” were, and the response on all counts was a resounding “I don’t know”.

According to the parking enforcement woman, the warmers were not present last week, so it looks like they were affixed over the weekend.

I’m still not sure what they are, but one thing is sure, my interest is piqued.

If you’ve yet to do so, drop by Occidental Park and check them out.  I’m not sure how long they will last.

P.S. As I type this, a call just came over the air.  A man just maced an unknown woman, and was subsequently tackled by a citizen in Occidental Park.  Police are responding.  You may want to wait a bit before heading over.

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1 comment to Tree Warmers in Occidental Park


    I walk by every day and it seems like more are added daily. I talked to a friend of mine yesterday (who I found out works at the Grand Central Bakery… We’ll have to stop in for a bite at some point) and he says he sees people out there, knitting and then sewing them on the trees, daily. Seems like some kind of ongoing art display.

    That or the trees are getting ready for Jazzercise!

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