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Westlake Park Issue

At 4:40pm, an informational call went out to SPD warning them of a planned “big fight” in or around Westlake Park or Westlake Center at 5pm.

The police agreed to show a presence in the area at that time as a deterrent.

If you plan to walk near Westlake Park this afternoon, please be aware of your surroundings and steer clear of any congregated groups of people.

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2 comments to Westlake Park Issue

  • Kelly

    Did anything wind up happening? Who organizes a planned “big fight”? That’s crazy stuff.

    • The source was a local business that claimed to be privy to the planning of the altercation. It could have been overheard schoolyard or gang threats, but there weren’t any details other than the place and time. I went by and did not see anything unusual aside from a few extra police.

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