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Pike Place Farmers Market Express

City Hall Plaza (600 Fourth Avenue – on the Fourth Avenue side of the building) will hold this year’s Pike Place Farmers Market Express every Tuesday from June 19th through September 25th (10am – 2pm). It will be open to the public.

Photos from last year’s Pike Place Market Express: http://www.seattlerex.com/pike-place-market-express/

Pike Place Market Express

Farmer's Market at City Hall

Farmer's Market at City Hall

Every Tuesday, beginning today through September 7th, from 10am to 2pm, Pike Place Market Express will be hosted at Seattle City Hall Plaza, located at 600 Fourth Avenue between Cherry and James Streets. The convenient remote market offers additional selling opportunities for farmers and fresh local food for those unable to make it to Pike Place. A second satellite location has yet to be announced.

Update: Seattle Rex visited the market and posted photos and an article on his blog: http://www.seattlerex.com/pike-place-market-express/